Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AF's Story

Last night, i read my adik's blog. =) n she wrote a story about our junior have becomin one of the AF8 student. and i was like.. What?! really? To be honest, i do watch AF. hehe. but, I just watched few of them who really have voices. n I love Adira. She's have a talent. But, I never ever realised one of the student is my junior in secondary school (frankly i dun realy know my junior.hihuu)

So, i try to figure out who is the one. n owh yea. my secondary school is Sek Men Keb Agama Slim River, Perak. n yeah yeah.. u read it right. Its SMKA. =) Finally, after a few review n guessing, i managed to know who he is. n really, he's my junior! and i know that he has a good talent at school. he's also one of the tilawah Al-Quran's contestant at school. before he joined AF, he's a one of the singer of Saujana group. So, he's good right?

My feeling bout this? heh. xtualy, i don't really give a damn. everybody makes choice, n that's what he want for his life. so, just let him be, aite?

Whatever it is, I want Adira to be a winner. but, xcuse me.. i never Afundi.. hehe. =)


  1. I did afundi once pastu orang yang aku afundi tu kuaq..hahahah

  2. haha..ko afundi shahir ke? die da masuk balik kn?