Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update After Raya

Its been a while since my last update here .. ^__^

Second day at UPM after 2 weeks cuti of hari raya.. too many things too be done n settle before the week 14.. Seminar, project, assigment plus with the bunch of test start this friday .. n what i"ve already done ?

NONE.. hihi .. sumpah malas ....

Im still waiting for my study mood to come back to me .. come baby come.. hurry .. i need u now.... =p

Anyway, raya celebration this year is okie laa ... same like last year.. penat n penat ... And my house as always will be full of people on the first raya, second raya, third raya ... haeh ... pendek kata .. sepanjang2 cuti raya tu..ade je org dtg umah ...

Nevermind .. Alhamdulillah la.. tetamu itu rezeki .. =) saper2 yg baca blog ni yg nk dtg raya pn silakan la ..

Duit raya ? heh .. banyak as always la... n maybe this is a last year for me to collect duit raya since taun depan may be dah start kerja .. InsyaAllah .. tp harap2.. sebelum aku kawen, abg2 n akak2 still akan kasi duit raya .. heheh ....

Here.. wana dedicate Congratulation to two dearest person in my life since they already start a new chapter in their life .. Dah dapat kerja tu, rerajin ea ... dapat gaji, cepat2 belanje i ... =)

Okie. dah xde idea ..gmba pn xde.. hehe .. Next time .. =)) salam.

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