Friday, December 17, 2010

Yesterday is The Day .

Yesterday is my 24th birthday .
But yet I still think dat I didnt achieved anything so far .
N thats really make me felt nothing for my birthday .

I just pray n pray that the next stage of my age
will be much brighter n better. InsyaAllah .

I just hope that I can be better muslimah, better daughter, better friend, better student, better person .

Life partner ? naah ... not for now..

Thanx for all the wishes . Appreciate it .. =)

The change that I've already made for my new age is .... I've already cover my 'kaki' .. hehe.. meaning . I dah pakai stokin . Mudah mudahan berkekalan . slowly I'll change my appearance . doakan saye, kwn2 .. =)

Result dah keluar . Alhamdulillah . =)

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