Friday, April 8, 2016

Aging Issue

I miss writing in this blog. So I made a promise to at least update once a week. Plesee pray that im succeed.

Yesterday im not feeling so well since I had a food poisoning a day before. We (me and sis at the office) ordered nasi beriani ayam madu from mahbub restaurant at Bangsar and they do delivery thou. Since Im still full, I just ate that nasi at 4pm. Soon after I finished my nasi I felt this kind of dizziness-nausea-so weak symptom. 

I know something that I ate made me feel this way but what and why. Sharp at 5pm I went home and yes when I arrived home all that my RM13.80 nasi beriani ayam madu end up in the toilet bowl. I threw everything out. What a waste. 

Actually yesterday I have my weekly fisioterapi appointment at Hospital Ampang but since I still got time I just went straight to Klinik Kesihatan Ampang and took my number at 1.30pm. But I forgot that the counter will only just open at 2pm. Oh pandai me.

Since they already took my IC so I cant run away. I called the Hospital and told them that I will come little bit late. Just need to wait about 15 minutes before my turn and doctor asked me to go and get my bp. When the nurse cautiosly took my bp and the number stop... I said . damn its so high. 

Went back to doctor and she said 'Im not happy with your bp go and take it again' . Me just smile and said 'yeah am not happy with that too'.

I end up go back and forth three time just for my bp and the reading is still same and steady. hehe


 What a nice number I got there. No more excuses the doctor gave me a date 3 months from now to have an appointment and check back my bp. Well, my bp yes its quit high but Im just fine, mybe Im always have a headache, sleepy, weak and so on but I know Im FINE. But she's the doctor so she won.

So my appointment is on 30 JUNE 2016. Hope Im not forget since im write it in here. Hee