Saturday, February 13, 2010

PearL of My heARt

eventhough u really want it..u put an effort on it..u feels so excited about it..but when Allah say NO..means..u won't get it..and Allah knows better what is da best for u..


now at home already..will spend a week holiday..with..absolutely nothing to do..heheh..just wana clear my mind and my feeling which in upside downs this few weeks..hurm..title entry for this time is actually anak2 sedara la.. =)

i never realy2 show how i felt about them..never said i love them..or miss are me right..? heartless.heh.

but for su syg korang a lot lah..more than a lot...aish malu2 nk ngaku~~

this is my anak sedara yg sulung..azyana who is furthering her study now at czeh republic..evento u just call me awin, i tau la u syg kat i..hehe....
she is a strong gurl with a strong heart. really. sanggup jauh from family to achieve her dreams. n of course, u know that i'll always pray for u rite..?? i'll be waiting for u here to settle our promise to get married on the same day..hahaa.. =) n ma su rindu sama kamuuuu!!~ can't wait to celebrate raya with u this year dear~

n now...this my three honeybee..hehe...
qaisara, farhan n faris...n i didnt meet them for almost 2 years.. T__T they are now staying at UK with their mom...i mish them a lot...sob2...kakak, abg pa'an n adik faris cepat2 la balik malysia jmpe ma su...aish.taleh nk ckp byk2 psl nie.sedih u miss u need u.muaahhhx!

anak2 buah yang lain...azywan n azylinda..jumpe u all masa kenduri pakteh bulan depan ok... =) n to anak2 buah yg kecik lg nie..afnan n aisyah..nakmo nakal2 ea...afnan yg suke gigit2 ma su ni..nanti su gigit2 die balik....aisyah lak, mmg copy paste ma su..suke nanges.. =)

spesis loyar buruk cm aku gak budak 2 org neh..huh.

u r resemble me aisyah..n u got my eyes...hehe..

yg ni..erm...xtau nk ckp ape la.....rakus...

kepada ank2 buah yg baca entry ni..heheh..malu la ma su.... (=.=")

n to my upcoming anak buah tis april...welcome2..dun wory..u will inherite da kecomelan drpd ma su..okay..~~i love all of u..remember that...~~

p/s two fridays...n two cry...both because of the different guys..get up awin..u r strong n tough girl..never let anyone make ur tears down anymore..n never never put a hope to anyone who never appreciate u~

may God bless~


  1. i love this post very much..
    so sweet of u!!!
    very sweet...
    speechless i am when i read dis...
    thanx a lot for the good compliments n for revealing ur feelings towards us.....
    feel like wanna cry...
    home sick already...
    sob sob (-_-)

  2. hoho..i dunno how to said all tis this is the way is family aite..even ta ckp love ari2 mcm dlm drama tv tu..
    aish~ relaxs2..three years to go then u'll come back to malaysia for good dear...^_^

  3. huhuhuu... alahai adik aku nijiwang karatnyerr.. awat xbuat post pearl of my heart pasai abag ipaq ngan kak ipaq plak.. hat mana yg menjadi pujaaaang hatimu..

  4. lepas ni mmg i buat blog ni untuk org2 yg diinvite jek..hahaa..

    saje la nk jiwang2 karat psl anak sedara..bukan cm along yg menunjukkn kasih syg nye dgn memberi ceramah tanpa tajuk..wakakaa...