Thursday, February 18, 2010

its not fun to have a heart.


at home with obviously nothing to do.. bored? nahh.. my home is my playgroud. everything is y keep complaining??

wanna know? me. miss farhana nazwin musa. is a gurl. with a heart. full of. jealousy.

ooho. dats should be admit. really. i am.

sebab itu. saye ialah cuba menjauhkan diri. dari sebarang perasaan menyayangi dan disayangi. (jiwang ok) bila kite x sayang sesiapa. meaning. kite xkan jeles pada sesiapa atau ape2. kan kan?

kalau family. lain la..kasih sayang tu pure. tulus mulus. ikhlas dari hati. xkan ade feel of jealousy.

if kwn2. dlm umur sye yg dah hampir 23 tahun 65 hari ni (bersamaan dgn jumlah hari sye dah kenal sumone) i do have my bestesfren. good frens. close frens. biase2 frens. n fren yg x mcm fren sgt pn no jealousy feeling on dat.. they r all important to me as im important to them.

maksud sye. ialah perasaan menyayangi utk memiliki.
(hope2 k.amy takde baca entry ni, kalo x mati kena gelak 8 tahun)

bile kite syg sumthing or someone. of course bile kite rase ade bnde yg distract sumthing or someone yg kte syg, kite jadi sentap..kan? takot benda tu hilang, xde..n kiter x sempat nak buat ape2 drpd halang bnda tu from dissapear...

aish~ye aku pn dah x fhm ape yg aku bleber kat sini....~

SN : bie, i dunno how if u were in the same college with me. u must gonna jealous to dead to see all that girls around me..

me: hehe.. i'll punch em all if they try to flirt with u..

hoho. itu ialah conversation 2 n half years ago ok. long time ago. memories. so, can u imagine how jealous i am?? =)

so. how to avoid this jealousy feeling eh?

should we just stop our heart from loving sumthing? or sumone...? so dat we dun have to handle with this kind of emotion anymore...just let our heart n perasaan empty without anything..

people says..that jeolusy is always involve with trust.. when u do percaya, u dun have to cemburu.. but when everything is just not so sure, i dunno where i should be. here or there. exist or just dissapear. still hang on or just let go.. Tuhan..serious aku dah x tahu..~

im not jealous because im angry. but because i do care.
i just need to find a way how to control it. which i dunno how. but i still keep on trying.

gurl's heart r made up of glass. it may fall into pieces. really.

ow my god.its bleeding. =p

p/s to inche hasnul naim. u r such a gwed fren.thanx thanx n thanx. tp. aku tetap xkan bersekutu dlm bab2 yg ko mitak tolong tu. huh.sick.

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