Sunday, February 13, 2011

As Ever.


serabut kan blog aku skrg nie. hehe.
im trying my best to edit the template but i couldnt find any template yg menarik hati. huh.
maybe later after i finish my test, i'll renovate again.

oh. i just got a shock news !

my acik now stuck in Paris.

acik, abg ad n family went to Paris last monday.
n abg ad told me that acik had a problem with the immigaration. due to some issue.blabla.

So now, acik can't go back to UK.
she'll heading straight from Paris to KL.
and she'll arrive on Monday.

I hope n i pray everything will be safe.
Ya allah, selamatkan ahli2 keluargaku dari sebarang kesulitan dan bahaya.amin.

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