Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who do you Think you are?


Yeah yeah. been a while since my last post here. seriously, my mood for blogging keep down n down since this semester started. final semester. should i say this is normal for everyone? been surrounding with interminable work in the lab make me like wanna vomit every 30 minutes. really. trust me.

I just hope, pray for the best since this will be my last semester here. in UPM. owh u guys don't have no idea how much i've been waiting for this. i want this to end immediately! yes i know for some people, they love study life than work life. But me, no. i need to study to get a degree but frankly speaking, i have no passion in study anymore. i wan't to work and after some time, i'll pursue my degree master,thats my promise. but no, not now.

Nothing interesting happen in this 2011 yet. i am still single. STILL. hehe. i don't have any time to think about that yet. or maybe i can say that i don't really believe in any relationship anymore. love is a bullet to me. enough said.

He is my dear nephew. love of my life. cute eh? =)

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