Tuesday, April 19, 2011

437 Days. Never End.

Its no longer 437 days actually. But today its 490 days. ^_^

This is the last entry bout this story .. the previous entry is here, here, and here.

I don't want to wrote anything anymore about what had happened after 20th November 2010. Who else yang tahu, then u know. But i just want to keep it for myself.

What should i say? I just can't let him go from my life. People may say im crazy, stupid and anything they want .. but try to put urself in my shoes, then u will know. God just have something to keep us together until now, thats enough for me.

I'll take care of my heart by myself. I just hope and pray for the best. If i try to forget and avoid this feeling for a thousand times pun, i can't. Not like im not trying so hard, but it is just impossible for us.

He's the one that i want and he will always be. until when? i don't know. Maybe after i know that he's really happy with his choice. I'll stay single until then,maybe.. yes, u may say im moron, stupid, crazy and anything but this is my life and i choose my own path to live.


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