Wednesday, March 9, 2011

437 Days.Hlovate Song.

hi hlovate. yups i agree with u that respect is what u need. but u should understand when people love someone, they intent to know everything about the person that they love. n u should know, those people who keep investigate bout u, where u from, wether u are female o male,they are your fans n they love u. so do i.
so, i think, u can't stop them from keep wanting to know, who is hlovate? of course they adore your writing but they also adore u. u are the one who make they feels something in ur writing.
but of course we respect ur privacy. =) if u want it that way. it just the curiousity n tekanan perasaan yg maha hebat to know who are u nway.. =)
whatever it is, me n all ur other fans will always support u n read all your beautiful stories which i can say, had teach me to be a better person.

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this is a msg that i sent to hlovate page on 15 december 2009.

msg from him.
hai..nice msg at hlovate page..=)

msg from me.
erk. haha. biase r melepaskan rasa hati terpendam. just rasa x patut die ckp funny bile org nak tau siape die.


Msg from him n me after that been continue. mostly about hlovate. we love hlovate n her novels.her writing that most we discussed about. i do like chat with him.kind of fun. =)

its my birthday.16 december 2009 when i do add him as a fren on fb. a day when i decided forget SN. the day i know him. so, i thought its a fate. naahh. there's no fate. its a mistake.tho.

its been 10 days that we keep texting until 25 december 2009. when i know that we can be a close friend. close like..close. u know? heh.. i thought that i know him enough but.. no no. i don't know him at all.. he's so nice, funny, and care for me. at that time. years ago..

on 17th january..he gave me sumting that i treasure so much... the hlovate song...

You wonder
Is it an angel or yet
Maybe a sweet dream that you can’t forget
So close yet far-fetched
Causing you to float on the line
between reality and fantasy

c/o Haunted the nightmares
Creates the ecstasy
Hlovate~oh poisonous honey
Love and hate
Driving me crazy

The poison ivy of Venus
Killing with venom so sweet
You’re losing your head
Don’t want it yet it keep haunting
Losing yourself in the suffocating mist


The blind arrows of
Piercing cold ice and
warm melting heart
Tearing me apart


he converted it to mp3 format n emel it to me.. that was. nice.. n at that time, i do appreaciate him. as he do appreciate me too.

we've been friend (sumtime i felt its more than a friend) for about a month.. until 31st january 2010.. when we first had our first quarrel.. n that was the first time that i know what was my feelings for him.but nope. i never confess. its against my principle.. n that was the first time he removed me from his fren list on fb..hehe. so childish rite?

i know that he already have sumone in his heart. but the way he treat me, make me can't leave him just like that.. if u dun want me, just leave me alone..becoz i can't leave u. can u understand that?

p/s. tis is my blog. u like it, u read it. u hate it, just leave it..can? ea.. coz tis story will have the continue..n yup its base a true story. anyone terasa hati, i can't help it... tq. =)


  1. My gaid , you means , you've already meet hlovate ?

  2. boleh saudari email kan lagu tu dlm bentuk mp3..? saya teringin nak dgr lagu tu.
    if you feel free =)