Wednesday, March 16, 2011

437 Days.U r My Everything.

This is the continue of the last episode. remember?

Being with him, im kind of forget everything. just to read a msg from him already make me calm eventho at that time my world is spinning around. i like him. yup. he's the one that open my heart after two years . but am sure its not love, yet. not that easy i'll fall for someone. i know myself .

25 Mac 2010. its the 100 days that i know him. i put it in this blog. =) as i really do appreaciate him even at that time we were like apart because he's busy with his fyp n me also busy for my final exam preparation. but i know, sumthing was missing, sumthing is gone wrong .. but i dunno what. .

April came and our friendship just not like before anymore. Yes we still keep texting everyday but it just not feel like the same. But yet i still keep your word. u have no one, i have no one. we just have us . i tried to understand what is the meaning in your word but i just keep it ..

7 may 2010, 2.14 am.

" do u remember when u said that i have to tell u when i have someone?"

me: yup....

"i think that i already have someone. sorry awin . "

just as simple as dat . never give a hope when u know u can't make a decision. i know what i want n i stick with it but u just never stick with what u said. am not sad nor hurt. im just dissapointed.. but yes. u still a friend. someone that close to me . its june when i decided to go to KT, one night u just make me cried. (for how many times, i never count) ..

me : yes, u r my friend n i still sygkn u.
u: don't syg me! i just syg my ... . she's only.
me: ...... why are u?

U told me, at that time, ur gf wana break up with u . n me. a stupid good friend have tried all the way, just to comforted u . try to calm u n make u smile again, make u forget everything sad n bad . eventho me myself was broken with all that u said . i dunno where did i get this big heart . i rather cried alone than saw u hurt . i just wanna be beside u n hear all ur stories even what u told me will kill my heart. i just wanna hear ur voice evento all that u said is just cursed me. i just wanna keep u company eventho u never realised what i have sacrificed for u ..

June 2010 . its the first time we met. at my sis house in KT . u bough me a food . =) we just talking outside the house. the first time we met . i'll keep that in mind as a sweetest memories. as i want u to know that i came to KT all the way from perak, just to met u. stupid err ? heh . yes. as i said, i just wanna be by ur side when u are sad. i just want to see ur face .the next day we met again before i went back to perak. i gave u something . Dolphie. name that was given by u. Im sure i've deleted the entry about dolphie . . maybe later i'll share the pix .

From june until september . dat was the most happiest moment for me. we are so closed, really closed. yup. we never declare anything but u treat me so well. u make me smile, make me happy, make me wanna life everyday just to hear from u. even my life's suck with all the fyp thingy u are the one who make me feel breath again. which means u are my everything. while never know what's waiting for me next .....

p/s got a good comment bout the last entry bout the story . thanx guys for the support . its not my intention to buka pekung di hati sndri . but . i need to do this. as i said before, anyone terasa hati, i can't help it . just a simple sorry.

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  1. i know..not ur fault.may allah bless u