Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Confession.

If the last person you kissed invited you to a family dinner, would you go?
if he kissed me again, i will.haha.

Has anyone ever told one of your secrets they promised they wouldn't tell?
am not sure..its a secret rite?

Do you remember what you were wearing last time you cried?
my tee n my short.

Do you have any friends you have never gotten into an argument with?
of course. my friends love me a bunch.

Do you think you could survive living by yourself for a month?
nope. i need a company.

Can you cook anything other then toast?
bzzz. im a good cooker tho.keh2

Have you ever lended the last person you called money?

How many times have you cried over the last person you cried over?
can't count. maybe millions times

Have you ever been in an on-and-off relationship? Soo annoying right?
annoying sgt.

Have you ever developed a crush on someone the first day you met them?

Have you ever been with someone who was really clingy? Did it annoy you?
yes but it didnt annoy me coz i heart him so much. was.

Is there a store you go to so much the employees know your name?
of course peramah what.

Did you get the last person you texted a present for their last birthday?
Fahmi. err.last year x sempat bg hadiah.hehe

Would you be able to live without the last person you fought with?
Not for now but later sure i can.

Does your best friend get along with their parents?
im not really make best friend.

Would you be able to tell me your mom's favorite food?
err. lemme call her first,hek2.

Has anyone seen you naked in the past 48 hours?
maself? haha. no la!

Is there anything in you room your parents would be pissed about? What?
Semak samun mcm taman haiwan.

Do you have any friends who never shut up about their boyfriend/girlfriend?
nope. before they start talking, im going.

Has anyone ever told you they loved you but not meant it?
Sure. MANY times.

Who was the first person you spoke to today?
my rumet.

Who did you see most today?
my rumet,

Have you ever watched someone being carried into an ambulance?

Do you think you could be with one person for the rest of your life starting now?
am not think bout that,yet?

What time did you wake up last Saturday? Why?
1045 am.haha. late coz am at home.

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