Friday, November 22, 2013

Gangguan ..

Hai.. been a long time since my last time log in here. haeh. many things happened. just wanna share a thing that happend to me recently. well its quite mystic and unbelievable. but, believe it or not it is true babe. you know all those thing from the past. saka, pendamping, anything you call those thing. 

The story began early of November. I started work at Shah Alam on 25 October. So sempat la kerja seminggu huhu. The next Friday after went back to Ampang after work I got a strange feeling when I was driving. I dont know what it is. Just something. So at night I slept without blanket (jarang sangat2 tidur x tutup kaki) So, I was awake at the middle of the night and just shivering feel so cold and the wind is blowing. I woke up just to find the blanket and then sleep back till morning.

At the morning i woke up with a headache and feel like want to got fever. So cold but my body so warm. I try to get some medicine and sleep but things just going worse. So my mom ask my brother to bring me back home (umah mak ayah der).

So at my hometown there was my sick tok (grandma) I know that tok is undergo a rawatan Islam about all those things I said above. I dont know that I am gonna be the next target. Those thing want to find a new master. hurm. I was weak at that time. I remember it was after magrib 1 Muharam 1435 H. I felt strange. I heard the 'ruqyah recitation'. Then I fall and start to scream. 

After then I passed out. Didnt remember a thing. Well literally I was awake but I am sure thats not me. I am even want to choke myself to dead! huhu. My brother called an ustaz to treat me. I heard that he recite a few ayat from Surah Hasyar. But most of the time I just scream and said a thing that I dont want to.

I fall after Isya and just get sober about 1 am. After the ustaz bath me with ice! Sejuk gilaa. huhu. And now I am still not fully recovered and need some time to do the treatment. This is the test from God to me and my family..and I accept it.. I know Allah know better.. 

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