Sunday, November 8, 2009

tHe cLimb

salam n greetings to all. wow. at last i start my own really blog.aha. bukan x pernah terfikir since my frens ramai tnye, awin u xde blog ker? n my answer is 'im not a sharing person..' =) as for me, blogging is a way to a person to tell n share with everyone about everythin. n im not a kind of person who will share everything..literally juz view one of my senior mase skul punye blog..n seriously..she is just not share everything about herself..but also her determination n path to achieve wat she have rite now..ok, ok..she's not my idol she's great! n da blog 2!

well..i bukan la nak jadi mcm die as blog ni pn i rase maybe just a way to reduce my stress sumtimes, n i knoe dat i love to write but i just hate to share! aha. tp, x salah untuk mencuba kn? there's always first time for everything.. =) of coz when we write, we hope someone to read, kn? anyway..untuk i yg baru mcm budak2 belajar meniarap nieh, i dun mind... =) will ask help from my frens yg dah expert berblog neh...

n tis blog is created at da time when tomorow i have biochem examination.haha.serious! agak2 dah hilang akal dah aku time to off now kna smbung belajar n belajar.huh.till then yarh..