Friday, November 13, 2009

oNe Last bReaTh exam is over. wuhhuu..relieved..lega..gembira..happy..rasa nak lompat2 guling2...n nak jerit satu like a birddd..aha. sorry. kind of hiperbola.eheh~

well..exam is like am holding my breath every moment when i need to face the paper. rase sesak nafas yg teramat sgt but i still need to breath until the end. its suffocate me. really. but as my status is still a student, me n exam are like a mixture compound dat can't be separated. at all. sebati.

as for da mycogy paper tadi, da question is OK la..not dat hard n not dat easy..sOO average. uhu. dunno wat da outcome, just hope n pray for a good result..Insyaallah.. nih mari daku tayangkan pix rakan2 ku yang baru lepas habes exam tadi...mereka mcmane? entahlah... gile maybe? aha.

muka suci, hati masing2 kejam.ngahaha

ouwch..tolong jgn budget chumel

so, officially, i've finished my third semester here in UPM..ngaa..believed it? half done here. n wat can i say bout my life for nw? suck? euw..not really..i ain't happy much n also neither hurt much.

watever it still in a journey. to find what i want..n to know what life is. until my one last breath..

i live the way i want
i do anything to prove myself
n i dun need u to judge me
as u r not dat nice n 'clean'...
me r me
i may made mistakes
n maybe i'll repeat it..
but just let me clear my mess
n u..
stay out of my frame

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