Monday, November 9, 2009

iTs ForbiDDen.

salam n greetings to all.wahh.saje je nak tunjuk yg aku sgt rajin update blog aku utk permulaan neh.muahaha.

nway, finally i got a sms from someone that i waited for tis few days around 7.15pm tadi. mix feelings when i read the text, its nothing much xtualy..but there is a few options how can i reply him...the options are...

A. 'we really should stop tis, can't anymore'
B.'stop texting me. i dun wanna talk to u.'
C.'i hate u n go away!'


D.none of the above.

well..always happened when its come to choose da best, we chose da wrong one. some goes to me. i dun have a GUT to stop tis..its forbidden. its not about im going to hurt da people dat respect me, seriously, i feel nothing about dat (bad, i knoe)..but i starts to feel hurt when u away n dats da cue dat i have to leave.for good.

give me time. i'll make this clear.
give me strenght. i'll let u go.
give me little bit gut. i'll just stop this.all.

u call me a bitch.
i dun really care.really.

off for now. biochem paper tomorow. 2-4pm.uhuh.


  1. hahaha biasalah the forbidden fruit is always sweeter kan? its up to u to decide. but since u already knew what's the most right thing to do...just kick ass and move on.

    P/s: if he is a complete trash with no attitude, do not hesitate, berambus sudah. Cause we dont really put cheap "bumper sticker" on a "PORSCHE". it doesnt work that way honey =)

    Dah2 g bace buku, melagha je. Drama!

  2. ngaa..yeah dunno wats come next but i'll just follow wif the flow..da right thing is always da hard to do..

    y la is our heart is too fragile huh? once broken, bukan bleh tempel2 balik mcm gitu jea. one thing for sure is, i won't hesitate..i had enuff =)