Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is not to be read.

Is not that all this shitty things is not important to me. For God sake, it does! but. never judge me before u know what have I gone tru before. u have no right at all.

Part of me wanna be here but the other part just tell me that im not belong with those people anymore. I am in a wrong place at the wrong time. How do I know that i'll mess this up long before. I can't predict future, people!

Owh. Please dun talk like u understand everything about me. No U Don't At All.

Im still here because of them, who love me. who care about me. N i dun give a damn about what u said, about what people talk anymore. Im here to finish what i've started. N i dun care bout the end. I know where's my limit. N again, dun u dare tell me that Im weak. U dunno Nothing. Im still hang on while Im dying inside pretend like all this crap is like a heaven, like I can stand all this stupidity. Can u hear me huh?

Yeah. I knoe u talked because u care. But u just chose the wrong words. Coz u knoe nothing. N i never intend to tell u a single word of it. Coz i dun think dat u will understand. But tell u what. im doing this just because i wanna make them happy. Not because to make u satisfied.U Got it?

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