Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Tuan punye blog ni demam dah 2 hari dah..sume nye bermula dengan kejadian tuan pnye blog makan popia yg ada seafood. sedap tapi...esok terus muncul ketumbik kat mata tuan pye blog. merah2 mata nya. bila g klinik amik ubat n antibiotic, tuan punye blog lupa yg die allergic kat antibiotic nama Chepalexin ni..makan je sebijik, temperature badan terus naik. terbaring x bangun2 terus tuan pnye blog ni..pastu, mkn panadol je la sbg penyelamat.huk.

Tgh2 demam, saje je nak mengarut pasal satu topic ni. Rahsia. or bahase kampung sye, secret.hik2

Anyway, evrybody have secret kn? no matter la wether its a big secret or not. But of course most of us has something that we never wana share with anyone , that we just wanna keep to ourself.

Well, i have been in a situation that i accidently know a very BIG secret of someone. n know what? i kept the secret to myself for over a years before its blow up. n its not from me. n the person never know that i know about it until now. So, im a secret keeper, right? =)

I have a secret too. n NO, i won't tell u..hehe.. There are just two persons in the world that i trust with my life n im sure they'll never betray me. Lucky for me to have them.

But, sometimes we just need to confess about what we have done. so that we never feel like in prison. Free but trap inside. All the mistakes that we have done in life, make it a guidance. If its something that will ruin ur reputation, ur frenship or ur relationship with anyone, just let it be a secret. Its against the morality but as long as it never give any problems to anyone, let it be just like that..

But if finally u are in the end of the road.. because of the secret u keep u suffer everybody that suround u.. u really should reveal it... eventho u urself will get hurt by that. but at least, u do the right thing.

p/s hapy birthday fahmi. lebiyuu very2 much!

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