Thursday, December 3, 2009


merah warna darah.darah tanda benci.

i never wanna put something about my love life or something dat soo emotional in this blog xtually.but anyway..tonight, someone has pissed me off...n yes, im overemotional rite now..u say hi to me, i'll reply, go somewhere else n get drowned bitchy.

i dun want him. n i dun love him. really.n i know that. i just still can't get him out of my mind. i need time.moreee time. eventhought its more than two years now.. but, who's care? sukati i la kn. as long as i never disturb anyone else, n i stll x terfikir nak bunuh diri lg, its all right..

but, there's a girl who is xtualy out of frame now try to make me crazy.everybody will think dat she is soo nice, she is soo angel..but i know u slut gurl. u are damn bitchy ever. i hate u yesterday, now, tomorrow n forever..believe me, u mess with me once, i mess with u better.

n now he said im overemotional. after wat u asked from me. r u afraid that i will tell her everything? heh..dun wory im still not out of my mind. but i can't promise it will last long..after what happened tonight..i probably will destroy ur life when the time is right..n again, believe me...

i hate u n i hate her. seriously, wat goes around comes around..u'll get the pay when the time is come. if its not from me, its from our God honey..n u slut damn bitchy gurl..take off ur mask, show us the real u!


  1. how about dumping these 2 trashes into a non-recycle bin? I bet that life will be much easier for ya after that.dhehehe.

    go go Awin. He played with the fire, so now let him burn himself to death. revenge is sweet rite? ;)

  2. yeayy sgt seronok rasenye ade supporter..ehehee..

    aku masukkan tros dlm kubur jea, jmpe nanti balik kt padang masyar..hahaa..xtau la macamne aku leh berkenalan dengan 2 org manusia pemusnah nie..aishh...