Wednesday, December 2, 2009

gloOMmy teuSdAy

hi..still owe 2 entry here which is bout eid adha n kpr just wana share bout other thing..

wake up in da morning just to know one of my mate at UiTM once time ago has gone.. she died because of car accident..yes i know dat just..its happened all of sudden..

death is nature's way of telling u to slow down
.really. i was like lost for the whole day..there's a lot of thought in my i ready enough to face it when the time is come...?where is my destiny at the end..n at last..i come to the very final queation..why do i live...? for what?

have u ever think about dat to? at least..for once...i may not a good person..i may made sins..i may not ready enough to go..but who us to stop everything from happen..its all back to our one and only..Allah the Almighty..

death xtualy is more universal than life, everyone dies..but not everyone lives..yes, believe me.
im so grateful that god have give me a chance to breath..until today..n until dunno fatihah to dearie yatee n kak emy..may god always with both of u..moga sentiasa dicucuri rahmat olehNya..amin...

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